The oldest continuous civilization on planet Earth, invented Alphabet and taught the world how to write and now rewriting its history all over again and building itself on firm bases.


All your positive opinions on how to build Syria are welcomed, no negative or destructive thoughts are allowed.

This is a base to build the country for its people and not to destroy it for the benefit of its enemies.

“We Syrians are fighting a huge battle of misinformation, propaganda and warmongering by the evil Zionist powers in the world, NATO and its stooges.. Every crime committed in our country is immediately coming with ready made accusation against our own army and security forces which is very pathetic and sick just to think of, yet there are masses brainwashed by the mainstream media who would buy it for now, after a couple of years when reality surfaces they’ll just click the Like button to posts revealing the truth..

We are fighting back so after a couple of years people would click the Like button for posts saying: How Syria avoided the worst evil destructive war for this century and made a turning point to save other countries in line namely: Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China eventually not to mention tens of smaller countries.

It’s a cancerous plot if we allow it to grow it’ll never stop until they achieve their New World Order, if we manage to stop it then we’ll start reversing the order and hopefully criminals would pay for their crimes thus far.

Which side are you on?”

3 thoughts on “Syria

  1. Joan Dalton Carr

    I am on the side of Truth and Peace. My full support is with beautiful Syria. NATO and its stooges must never achieve their New World Order agenda.
    Sending Light and Love to Syrians.. ❤


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