1 thought on “Syria News – Updates about Syrian conflict and war against terrorism

  1. robert333

    “7. Moreover, after the House of Commons rejected David Cameron’s resolution supporting the principle of a military intervention in Syria , Cameron announced that Great Britain would “act accordingly.” So Great Britain would not take part, but would let the United States under Barack Obama and France under Francois Hollande do the dirty work alone.
    8. What is even worse for France, Francois Hollande stated in an interview to LE MONDE that he would not exclude an intervention before September 4, i.e., before the debate without a vote in Parliament ”
    LE MONDE is a LAZARD newspaper.
    ” Matthew Pigasse, born 25 May 1968 in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine) is a French businessman, former civilian administrator of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Managing Director of LAZARD France and vice president of LAZARD Europe, he is also owner and president of the magazine Les Inrockuptibles, shareholder of LE MONDE and of The Huffington Post ” https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthieu_Pigasse
    ” NATHANIEL ROTHSCHILD, the son of Lord JACOB ROTHSCHILD,” began his career in 1994 at LAZARD Brothers Asset Management in London” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathaniel_Philip_Rothschild
    There are also relations between LAZARD and EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD.
    ” LYNN [the wife of EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD] is the CEO of ELR Holdings and became a director of The Economist in 2002. She launched FirstMark Communications in the late 1990s and got EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, Henry Kissinger, Vernon Jordan (senior managing director LAZARD; close Clinton friend and advisor; friend of EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD; permanent Bilderberg visitor), Michael J. Price (former managing director LAZARD), Nathan Myhrvold (former CEO Microsoft; PPI Task Force member), and others as its initial directors.”
    ” In late August 2004, Clinton and his wife Hillary, EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, LYNN DE ROTHSCHILD, Vernon Jordan, and Prince Andrew were all hanging out at the Vineyard at their very own “Anyone but Bush” party. Rothschild and Jordan were jointly celebrating their birthdays that day. Together with his wife he attended the 32nd Williamsburg Conference in Delhi in 2004. ” https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/organisations/introduction/PEHI_Evelyn_de_Rothschild_bio.htm


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